VPS hosting – The best choice for internet business.

Looking where you can find high-quality, proven, affordable web hosting? Well look no further you will find everything you need for your hosting needs right here. We have everything from Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Servers to the awesome NEW Cloud Servers.

Need more features than what  shared hosting or reseller hosting has to offer? Do you need a server in a specific geographical location? Do you need an opportunity to test your applications on different operational systems and different application versions? Do you want a low and affordable monthly cost? By renting a VPS server your need for quality web hosting solution will be fixed immediately, by securing your  hosting base here your businesses website will be prepared for the future

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

• VPS server is divided into several separate virtual systems that share the available memory, CPU, and disk space.
• VPS users have full root access to the server and as administrators can manage the virtual server operating system.
• VPS packages are fully adjustable to meet the needs of each user, and it is possible to quickly and easily switch to another package at all times.
• Virtual Private Server is designed for advanced users whose requirements exceed the possibilities of shared web hosting, and where renting your own server is not profitable for them.

What is VPS used for?

In addition to standard web hosting and e-mail services, VPS can be used for many other services such as audio / video streaming, gaming server, database server and file server to name just a few.

VPS Vs. Shared Web Hosting

• Aside from offering control over the operating system server, VPS also offers the possibility to install applications that not support by shared web hosting such as video conferencing which require installation of RTMP servers.
• VPS is an indispensable step on the road to your own server.
• To all hosting package
• For those that are using reseller hosting packages it is recommended to ‘rent a Virtual Private Server’ before renting your own network.

Why rent VPS – Virtual Private Server?

• The unimpeded e-mail sending and receiving

Shared web hosting packages have a set limit of 30 mergers in an hour to POP3 and IMAP per IP address, and if you exceed this limit, a “wrong password error message” or “login incorrect” message will pop up when you try sending an e-mail.

There is also a limit on the number of messages that can be sent. If you exceed the limit, when emails are sent, “undeliverable error” message will come back.

A limit of 5000 addresses on a mailing list is another limitation of shared web hosting package that applies to e-mail.

If your business is based on advertising through e-mail and you need large mailing lists, be sure to rent a VPS.

• Due to custom installation

For larger and more demanding web projects shared web hosting is not enough. It is sometime not possible to go into the development of specific web applications because they demand their own server or VPS such as video conferencing require installation of RTMP servers in the start.

• Due to the design of your reseller package:

VPS and dedicated server allow you to create and sell reseller packages.

What else to add but to recommend VPS hosting for all your private or business needs. You will not go wrong!

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