Windows VPS vs. Linux VPS Hosting

Windows and Linux Each Offer Separate and Distinct Performance Advantages

Windows is undoubtedly the most popular computing platform across the nation. That said, Linux based operating systems are surging in popularity based on their proven reliability, open-source format, and lower cost. While VPS hosting is available for both types of operating systems, what are the basic differences between Windows and Linux?

Windows offers a richer selection of applications, software choices, and available programs. Linux, though vastly improved over the last ten years, offers less selection of applications and software. Linux, being an open source platform, does allow the user to develop and implement new programs quite easily.

Windows based operating systems are more susceptible to external intrusions versus Linux based platforms. This is because most threats are aimed at, and planned around, Windows based systems. For the site owner who needs to have the ultimate in system security, a Linux based system may provide additional peace of mind and greater system integrity than a Windows based platform.

Linux is a less expensive operating system to own and maintain based on the fact that it is an open source format. While Windows upgrades and software bundles can be quite expensive, Linux users have found that the subsequent costs associated with these platforms are pretty low.

VPS Hosting Options For Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Windows based operating systems tend to demand robust VPS arrangements to keep websites moving along smoothly and reliably. Users will want to ensure significant RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth specifications. 300+ megabytes of RAM, 10-15 gigabytes of hard drive space, and 100 megabytes per second of bandwidth is a great platform for performance. Windows based VPS solutions tend to be slightly more expensive than Linux based VPS, as they require additional processing power and enhanced security features.

Linux based VPS offerings tend to take advantage of a Linux system’s leaner operating requirements and can offer more features for the same monthly cost. In fact, Linux VPS hosting is frequently found to be up to half the cost of comparable Windows based VPS plans. Linux hosting also tends to offer more bandwidth (sometimes unlimited bandwidth) and additional hard drive space. No matter which type of operating system is in place, VPS hosting plans offer significant capacity and many of the benefits of a dedicated server – at a fraction of the price.

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