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How Do I Check My Renewal Date?

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You can look up your renewal date by logging into your Hostwinds account and navigating to your Client Area.

  1. From the main page, you will need to click on “Services”, then “My Services.”
  2. From here you will see a list of all products you have ever purchased with Hostwinds.  On this page, you’ll also see their status and next due date

Understanding your due date and when it is due is important at Hostwinds because we are a subscription based service.  Therefore we keep purchased products as active unless cancelled.  Hostwinds does not offer automatic end-of-billing cancellations, so it is advised to know when your services are due and plan accordingly.

Can I change my next due date?

Hostwinds uses anniversary billing to make the majority of all invoices due on the same date as the original date you created an account with us.  If you would like to request a different due date, you would need to follow these steps.

Can I turn off Auto-renewal before my due date?

Other than domain name registrations, the immediate answer to this question is no, as we do not offer this functionality at this time.  If you do not wish to renew your services, please continue on reviewing “What if I Do Not Wish to Renew a Service“?