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Adding a Member

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Once a load balancer is created and at least one listener has been created, Hostwinds clients can now create members. This article is intended to be used as a guide for Hostwinds clients on how to add a member through the Cloud Control.


Add Member


Step One: From the Load Balancer’s page, select the menu option on the listener, to select Add Member

add member

Step Two: From there, you will have a new pop up display with the options for this member

add member

The member’s addition only requires 3 options to be created.


Member Options


IP Address

The IP address for the member, where traffic will be directed to. Users can enter in their own IP address, or if the IP address in on a Hostwinds’ cloud service, selecting the dropdown option, will display available instances to select from on your account.

Protocol Port

The protocol port is where the traffic inbound from the listener, will be sent to. Default protocol port is set to 80, however clients can specify other ports as well.


The higher the number set here, the more often this member will be selected, a weight of 0 means that no new connections will be established to the member, but all remaining established connections to the member will persist.


Viewing Members for a Listener


To view all members for a listener , select the load balancer by clicking on it’s name from the load balancer panel in Cloud Control. Then, under the listener for the load balancer, expand the menu down to view all listeners.

view members for a listener

In the image below, 2 members are displayed for a single listener.

view all members for a listener