An affiliate is a member of our Hostwinds Affiliate Program. Members of this program will have the opportunity to earn income by leveraging their online presence to drive potential customers to Hostwinds. As a result of any new purchases will be receiving a percentage of the profits as commission. None of our affiliates are required to be a Hostwinds customer. You just simply have to sign up to the program to be a member.

As an affiliate you will be provided with several ways to generate new leads and drive customers in our direction. As an affiliate you will be provided with an assortment of marketing materials such as banner ads of your choosing as well as email links. As an added bonus Hostwinds provides training materials to help get you started.

What Are the Payouts

Our tiered commission package is designed in such a way that the top performers will earn the best payouts. The greater the number of new customers the higher the payout. The following details display the tiered payout plan.

  • 1-6 in one month is $65 per signup

  • 7-12 in one month becomes $85 per signup

  • 13-19 in one month becomes $100 per signup

  • 19+ in one month becomes $135 per signup


Tracking Referrals

The referral amount re-sets back to 0 (zero) on the beginning of every month (1st) . Additionally, all referrals are tracked with a cookie that will last 60 days.


All payouts are 10th of every month. In order to receive payout you much click on the “Request Payout” button that appears in your account.

What Plans are Eligible for Referrals?

  • Web Hosting

  • Business Web Hosting

  • Reseller Hosting

  • Budget VPS

  • Premium VPS

  • Windows VPS

  • SSD Linux VPS

  • SSD Windows VPS

  • Dedicated Servers


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