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API Introduction

Your WHMCS can communicate with our system by using the Domains Reseller API. It allows you to:

  • Register domains
  • Transfer domains
  • Release domains
  • Renew domains
  • Delete domains
  • Grab EPP codes
  • Modify contact details
  • Get and save DNS records
  • Get and save nameservers
  • Register nameservers
  • Modify nameservers
  • Delete nameservers
  • Registrar lock
  • Get and save email forwarding
  • Domain cron synchronization


Data format used for request/response

Domains Reseller accepts query parameters for requests, then an API response is sent using JSON data format.



For authentication you’ll need the API key and email address provided (



Here are some examples that execute API requests using the cURL command-line tool:


Exemplary API Request:




Exemplary API Response:


{“result”:”success”,”msg”:”Domain has been registered”}


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