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cPanel AWStats Metrics

Among all of the tools that cPanel offers to track the various metrics of your website, one of the most frequently used and detailed options is Awstats. Awstats analyzes server log files and produces HTML reports on the website, presenting various charts and graphs to view information as varied as visitors, visit duration, most viewed…

cPanel Webalizer Metrics

cPanel has many tools to help you track the various statistics of your website and its traffic. Webalizer is a program installed through cPanel that displays traffic statistics. For more information about Webalizer, you can visit their website   How Can I Track My Website’s Statistics? The Webalizer tracker is located under the Metrics…

cPanel Visitors Metrics

cPanel offers many ways to track the various metrics you can measure your site by. One useful metric to check is the Visitors tracker, which logs the IP address of every visitor to your websites, all the files and pages they viewed and the time the access was attempted. You will also see the links…

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