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Hostwinds Account Security

This article is to help our clients enable additional Account Security and instructions for setting this up. This includes Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and your Security Question and is intended for Hostwinds clients who are logged into the Client Area that would like to be able to add these extra security measures quickly and easily.    Two-Factor Authentication Two-Factor…

Generating a CSR Request (and What it is)

Now that you’ve purchased an SSL through Hostwinds, you’ll receive an email with the link to configure your SSL.  The link will send you to a form and after a few steps, requests that you generate a CSR.  This will be the next major step you need to take towards setting up SSL for your…

Explanation of FTP Protocol

What is FTP? FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is commonly used to transfer files over the internet through a client-server architecture. It makes use of the TCP/IP protocol to allow this and can be secured with SSL/TLS.  Although some services such as File Manager through cPanel offer the ability to upload files, these can be…

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