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How To Integrate WHMCS With Your Site

If you have another site that is not directly attached to your WHMCS, you may want to tie the two together to allow your visitors easy navigation and a seemless user experience. A cool feature included with WHMCS is the Integration Code that can be used on other sites to tie into your WHMCS installation.…

How To Use Email Marketing With WHMCS

One of the many features that WHMCS provides is the Email Marketer. This feature allows you to set custom rules to email current and previous clients that have registered through you. You can set it to send out specific marketing emails to your clients based upon different options, such as the amount of products they…

How to Change Your Hostname In Linux

The hostname is a feature with Linux operating systems that allows identification of a server. This can be used to easily determine the difference between two servers. Aside from personal identification of the server, the hostname is used with most network processes and other applications may rely on this as well. For example, cPanel /…

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