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Initializing the Restic Repo

Any interaction with Restic requires for you to first initialize the repo to perform actions, to do so follow the instructions below  – Windows With Windows Servers, from PowerShell, run the following command to initialize the restic repo (you must include the periods) – . ./restic_repo.ps1 Linux With Linux, from command line run the following…

Performing Restorations with Restic

Performing restorations, as with any process with restic is incredibly easy and quick. As with any interaction with Restic, you must first initialize the repo to perform actions within restic, to do so follow this guide. The restore command has multiple options available, as shown below – The below command will restore from the given…

What is Domain ID Protection

Domain ID Protection is a service that “masks” the contact details of the domain registrant/owner from services that provide publicly available WHOIS information. We highly suggest to add this service when registering your domain name with Hostwinds to protect your personal information and privacy. Typically sites that offer a free WHOIS lookup like the ones…

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