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How To Setup DMARC

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a validation system for email that is used to detect and prevent email spoofing.   What Is DMARC? DMARC ensures that legitimate email is properly authenticated with previously established DKIM and SPF standards. By doing this it will block fraudulent activity appearing to come from domains under…

Hostwinds Email limits

Hostwinds limits the number of emails that you can send per hour for our Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, White Label Reseller Hosting, and Reseller Hosting packages. We also use Mail Channels filtering for outbound email. This filter is utilized on the packages referenced above, as well as on our Cloud Server packages.   What Are The…

How to Setup SPF and DKIM Records

What are SPF records? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records give you the ability to create a list containing IP addresses (or subnets) that you authorize to send emails on your behalf. This makes it harder for malicious email senders to hide their identity and use your email server for fraud or spam. This will prevent your…

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