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Is there Automatic Credit Card updating?

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Yes, there is. In working with Visa® and MasterCard® we are enrolled in their Visa® Account Updater and MasterCard® Automatic Billing Updater.

These services through VISA® and Mastercard® enables them to share and update the card information on file with us. This way you do not have to worry about possible declines and interruption of service if your card should expire or if the card number changes.

How Does This Work?

Billing Authorizations for recurring payments are sent to your credit card company, if they see that the card information is out of date, they send over the updated card info.

Our automation then updates it to your account so that payment can be attempted.

How Do I Know If This Applies to My Credit Card?

It would depend on your issuing bank, as they would need to participate in those programs as well. The best way to find out if they do, would be to reach out to them directly and ask.

How Do I Update My Credit Card If Mine Is Not Part of the Updater Programs?

You can review the information in this guide to learn how to update your credit card with us.