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Why Am I Being Billed for an Inactive Service?

Generally speaking, this would happen because your service has not be Canceled, but is set as Suspended or as Terminated.

  • Canceling a service deletes the product and the data it held. This also cancels pending invoices and makes backend changes to prevent future invoices from generating. You can read more on cancellations here.
  • With Suspension, the service, and the data is still kept intact; we have only restricted access to it. You will find that your invoice is still very much active and will attempt to gain payment. You can read more on suspensions here.
  • When a service is Terminated for lack of payment, the service and the data it held are deleted. But no back end changes occur that would affect invoices. As we make the assumption that this was left unpaid due to hardship and leave the pending invoice active so you may repay it, and we can help you get back to hosting. You can read more about termination here.