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Billing Overview (Cloud Portal)


Your Cloud Control has many available options available to you, helping you to manage your instance related needs


cloud portal billing area


The billing tab will display your Cloud based billing charges and let you view these charges broken down by day, by hour and by usage.


Shows dropdown for viewing invoices for Hostwinds Cloud Server


The default display is for your current charges (The present billing cycle).

Invoices are generated on the 2nd of the month, for the previous month.

Invoices need to be paid by the 7th of the month to avoid suspension.

Invoices need to be paid by the 10th of the Month to avoid termination.

Invoices will display in your cloud control billing panel and then submit an invoice to your Hostwinds client account when they are due.

You can expand charges in the billing panel if you want to view a breakdown of your charges.

The charges seen below are for an example service using Object Storage and the breakdown by date of the cost for this service.


Showing an example of charges for services using Hostwinds Cloud Servers


Billing will have all information pertaining to object storage, volume storage and cloud instances that are hourly based.


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