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How Can I Use Credit Cards With Hostwinds?

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A Credit Card with Hostwinds by either entering the card information while completing an order or adding Credit Card details to the account with us at a later time.

How Do I Add A Card At A Later Time?

This would be done by:

Step 1:  Logging into the  Client Area

Step 2:  Clicking on the username on the right-hand side of the Client Area and select Manage Credit Card

account name dropdown image

Step 3:  On the new page, fill in the form completely, and click “Save Changes” when finished.

I Went Overdraft, Will Hostwinds Pay For My Overdraft Fees?

Hostwinds has no way of knowing the status or balance of the financial accounts that our Clients use for payment. It is ultimately the responsibility of the Hostwinds Account Owner to make any needed adjustments with their finances to allow for the manual or automatic payments made on their account.

We would not make any restitution for fees that are associated with making payments to Hostwinds.

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