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What is your policy for Cancellations?

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With cancellations, our policy and the process for them was designed to ensure that there are no accidents or mistakes in what service is canceled.

To accomplish this, all cancellations must be initiated through the client area on the product page. As this can only be done by the Account Owner or through Sub-Accounts they have given the right permissions to, only the services that are meant to be canceled can be canceled.

Is There More to the Policy?

Yes, there is the specific process on how to cancel which you can review here and then there are there are the finer details found in our Terms of Services

The passage from it that goes into greater detail can be found below:

With the exception of Domain name registrations, SSL certificates, and items stored in Cloud Storage, it is required to request cancellation of a service through the Client Area on the service’s management page. Attempting to cancel through any other form of contact, method, or actions taken with third parties would not be considered a valid cancellation request.

All valid cancellation requests are handled with immediate effect, resulting in the termination of the service and the deletion of any content that may have been stored on the service at the time of cancellation. It is the responsibility of the account owner to ensure they have taken any needed backups prior to requesting cancellation.

To prevent a service renewal, it is required to complete the cancellation process, as detailed above, prior to beginning of the service’s next billing cycle. Failure to do this will result in the service automatically renewing as per details found in the “Payment” section of this agreement. Payments for such renewals would be subject to our refund policy as detailed in the “Refunds” section of this agreement.

Domain name registrations, and items stored in Cloud Storage are services that cannot be canceled as they do not work on a standard subscription basis.

Domain name registration will stop renewing once auto renewal of a given domain name is disabled on the domain’s management page as found in the Client Area.

Items held in Cloud Storage need to be deleted by the account owner from within the Cloud Portal. The time such items are stored leading up to that deletion would be billed per the details of the “Payment” section in this agreement