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What is your policy for Cancellations?

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With cancellations, our policy and process for them were designed to ensure that there are no accidents or mistakes in what service is canceled.

To accomplish this, cancellations must be initiated through the client area. This is to ensure that the correct product is always set for cancellation and we cannot accidentally cancel the wrong service.

This is followed by a ticket that is generated on the account that which will include a prepared cancellation statement that will need to be copied and pasted as a reply. This step is in place to give you the chance to ensure that:

  • The cancellation is not completed until you are ready for it
  • That the wrong product had not been selected
  • That if there is some confusion on how canceling works, we can give you more information so there is no regret in completing the process.

To prevent unwanted renewals, all cancellations must be completed prior to the due date.

Is There More to the Policy?

Yes, there is the specific process on how to cancel which you can review here and then there are there are the finer details found in our Terms of Services

The passage from it that goes into greater detail can be found below:

“All cancellation requests must be submitted in the client area and confirmed in the ticket that is generated from this action. Attempting to cancel through any other form of contact, method, or actions taken with third parties would not be considered a valid cancellation request.

Services that are not correctly canceled through the process outlined above will remain active. Failure to complete the cancellation process before the next billing cycle begins will result in your being automatically billed for the service’s renewal, for which refunds will not be given.

Hostwinds only offers immediate cancellations, and requests to cancel at a future date would not be considered a valid cancellation request and will not be completed. All cancellations once confirmed, are processed immediately; resulting in the service and data stored being purged from our systems. Please ensure you have full backups of all of your data prior to completing the cancellation process.

Hostwinds does not charge late fees, however, if a service is paid for late, the next due date for the service will not be adjusted. If a Client has multiple services with Hostwinds, failure to pay one of their active services without a proper cancellation may result in their other active service’s suspension due to the account having an outstanding invoice. Hostwinds will send several reminders and warnings prior to this action given the severity of full account suspension.

Custom Dedicated Cluster Solutions must have cancellation request received at least 14 days prior to the next bill being due, failure to provide written cancellation before this deadline, will result in automatic renewal.