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How Do I Change My Contact Email Address?

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Hostwinds provides the ability to change your primary registered email on file at anytime by following these steps:

Step 1:  Log into your Client Area

Step 2:  Select your name on the right hand side, choosing Change Account Email

change email location image

Step 3:  Proceed to change the email within the text field, clicking Save Changes when ready

change email portal image

Step 4:  Once you save changes, your old/current email will receive an authorization email.  You will have to click on the HERE icon to complete your request.

Hostwinds Confirmation Email Change Request Image

Once done, your Hostwinds portal will display confirmation that your primary email has been successfully changed

confirmation email changed image

You can also request a change by Opening A Support Ticket with billing, titling the request as “Change Email Address”.  Billing will then communicate with you via the ticket about changing your registered email with us.

I Do Not Have Access To My Account To Change My Registered Email With Hostwinds

In the event you need your email changed, but unable to log into Hostwinds to make the change yourself, we can still help.  You would still need to have access to the primary registered email, and upon request within a ticket, we can reset and send you your password to the current email on file.  Once received, you will be able to change the primary email as instructed above.

Hostwinds takes security for all accounts seriously and is why password resets require confirmation within a ticket prior to being sent.  For further information into why Hostwinds uses a ticketing system, please review: Why Does Hostwinds Use A Ticketing System?

Please keep in mind that our system will not allow for duplicate email addresses. If the email address exists on a different account already, it would not be a viable replacement for the one you want to change.

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