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What Happens if I File a Chargeback or Dispute?

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As per our Terms of Service, once a chargeback or dispute is communicated to us, your entire account along with all services will be suspended.

  • If the disputed payment was through a Credit Card, there would be a 14 day period to resolve this with Hostwinds before the account is terminated and closed which would lead to a loss of all held data.
  • If the disputed payment was through PayPal, any updates that would have resulted from that payment are reversed. This can potentially set a service’s due date to be more than thirty (30) days in the past and result in immediate termination.

The complete passage from the “Chargebacks and Disputes” section of our Terms of Service can be read below:

In the event that we are notified that a chargeback or other payment dispute is filed, your account will automatically be placed on hold. Resulting in suspension for all active services on your account, and the risk of termination should the dispute not be immediately resolved. Resolving a chargeback would include providing proof of ownership for the payment method used, repaying any disputed transaction(s), and paying a $250.00 penalty fee per transaction that has been disputed.

Failure to do this will result in the termination of the service(s) on the account as well as the account remaining on hold, preventing any new orders or purchases from being completed.

Threatening to chargeback in any communication with Hostwinds, can at Hostwinds sole discretion result in permanent account closure.

What If There Are Domains on My account?

If you happen to have domains on your account when this happens, they will be seized and pointed to a landing page that states the domain had been seized for abuse.

This will hold true for any instance of a chargeback or dispute being filed.