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FTP Configuration Files in cPanel

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You can connect Filezilla to your cPanel either manually or with a script that automatically configures Filezilla for you. You may also use CoreFTP or Cyberduck in the exact same way.


Configure Filezilla Manually

  1. Download and install Filezilla
  2. Open Filezilla

  3. Put in the same username and password as you use to login to your cPanel

  4. Port should be set to 21 – if it’s not, enter 21

  5. Enter in your domain name such as

  6. Click connect


Configure Filezilla automatically

  1. Download and install Filezilla
  2. Go to cPanel
  3. Go to FTP Accounts under File Manager

  4. Click Configure FTP account next to the account you want to connect with

  5. Click the FTP Configuration File under Filezilla to download the script

  6. Run the script