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Setting up and Connecting to the Hostwinds VPN on Android

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How Can I Connect My VPN On Android?

You can connect your Hostwinds VPN with Android versions 4.0+

You should have received an email with your VPN information and login credentials. You’ll need that during this process.

  1. Download the TBLK file here
  2. Open the VPN
  3. Unzip the TBLK file from above to somewhere and transfer the files to your Android via USB or other means
  4. Open the OpenVPN Connect app
  5. Tap the menu
  6. Tap Import
  7. Tap Import Profile from SD card
  8. Go to where you transferred the files to on your device
  9. Choose Hostwinds-VPN.ovpn
  10. Tap Select
  11. Enter the credentials that we emailed you
  12. Connect

If your Android device isn’t secured with a password, pattern or PIN, then we recommend that you don’t use the save password option.

Tips For Using Our VPN On Your Android Device

Battery life – If you pause the VPN while your screen is blanked. This might help with battery power, but you should also know that your device might send data over the current network you use instead of the VPN during this time.

Reconnect on boot – This feature will start the VPN up automatically and connect after booting.

Seamless tunnel – This feature will not allow other apps or the Android system itself to access the internet if the VPN is in the process of reconnecting or paused. OpenVPN Connect still needs to be running, though.

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