How Can I Contact Billing?

Billing can only be contacted through a Billing ticket. You can open one by logging into your Client Area or if you have received an email from Billing, responding to it directly would also automatically open a ticket.


Why can’t I just call in or live chat with Billing?

Due to the nature of the information that would be shared and our commitment to protecting your privacy and security, Billing would not be able to discuss specifics about your account or services outside of our ticketing system. Being that this is the only way we recognize that we can authenticate that the person we are speaking with is the true account holder.

Because the information that could be shared would potentially concern the account owner’s finances, personal identifying information, or specific payment information. Such authentication is a top priority.


Can I write an email instead of opening a ticket?

As it stands, the Billing team only ever logs into and monitors our internal ticketing system. While the responses they send are automatically sent as an email alert in addition to the ticket response they make, they never actually access or personally use the email.

This is why if you do write an email directly to Billing, it will not be seen or responded to and as mentioned above Billing only ever can take action through requests in our ticketing system.



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