CPU/Memory Usage Reports Explained

Shared and Business hosting accounts have unlimited disc space and unmetered bandwidth. There are, however, limitations in place for CPU usage.

The table below should help explain the CPU and PHP memory limits that are in effect for our Business and Shared hosting packages.

Note: After 5 Excessive Resource Usage warnings you’d be required to upgrade to a Cloud Server. Typically you’d need to upgrade to no less than a tier 5 server to see an increase in performance.


Hosting Package CPU Limit PHP Memory Limit MySQL Processes Per Second Excessive Resource Suspension
Shared 25% 128MB 4 Yes (after 5 warnings)
Business No Soft Limit* 512MB 4 None

NOTE: If Soft Limits are exceeded, it will result in an Excessive Resource Warning


  • We do monitor the resource usage for Business Plans at Hostwinds, but unlike the Shared Plans, they won’t be suspended automatically
  • Shared Plans are restricted to 25% CPU usage – If more than 25% is used 5 times within a one-month time frame, the account is suspended automatically (This helps ensure fair usage, as going over the limit can have an affect on users who are on the same shared server)


If you know you’ll need SSH access or a hosting environment that’s more secure and not affected by others, we suggest considering a Cloud Server instance..


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