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Create Instance From Snapshot Backup

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This guide is intended for Hostwinds clients who have taken a ton of time and effort into creating the perfect server, configured it exactly you want it and would like to quickly and easily create another instance without having to do this all over again. To follow this guide, you must be a Hostwinds client and logged into your Cloud Control Portal.

Create An Instance From A Snapshot

Step 1: Click on the Storage > Snapshots from the drop down menu from the top

server snapshot backup

Step 2:  A list of current snapshots and templates will appear here if any have been already created.  Select the Instance that you would like to create a new Snapshot of by first selecting the Create Snapshot button.

Snapshot Area Create Snapshot Button Location Image

Step 3:  Choose an Instance you wish to take a Snapshot of from the available drop-down.  Next enter the Snapshot Name so that you can easily remember it  later.  Once ready, select Take Snapshot.

Take Snapshot Pop-up Window Image

You will be prompted, as seen above, to power off your Instance if currently turned on in order to take a Snapshot.  You will need to navigate to the individual Instance, please review Instance Management Panel Overview, and Shutdown your server.

Step 4: Find the newly created Snapshot listed among the snapshot page (see Step 1 above) and click on the  Actions drop-down.  Make Template will be an available option to choose and you can select this to begin creating a template of your newly created snapshot.

Snapshot Template Location Image


Snapshots and their respected templates can take minutes or hours to create, fully dependent on the size if the Instance.  Snapshots will not appear until completed, and templates will remain in a queued or saving state until functional.

snapshot template icon
create instance

Step 5: Once your snapshot has the  icon listed to the left of the Snapshot name, it is ready to be used as template next time you Create An Instance (  ) and use the Templates tab

working template from snapshot



This saves deployment and set up time significantly once you have created an instance using Hostwinds Cloud Control and allows you to quickly create a new Instance based on this template that you have saved from a Snapshot.

How To Install Template On An Already Created Instance

Once you have a template created, you can choose to install the template on a current Instance via a Reinstall.  In order to perform a Reinstall, you will need to navigate to your Cloud Control area and follow these steps.

Step 1:  Select the instance in which you wish to install your template and select Reinstall from the Actions drop-down.

Reinstalling will delete ALL data from the current instance.  It is advised to take a snapshot back-up of the current instance prior to proceeding unless the data-loss is your intention.

Instance Reinstall Location Image

Step 2:  Upon selecting Reinstall, a pop-up window will display available Reinstall options.  Among these will be Snapshots.  Select Snapshots as show below and you will see your available template as an option to install.  When ready, select the Confirm button to proceed.

Install Snapshot Location Image

Your current server will now be created from your Snapshot.  You will be able to log into the server to confirm the template is created once the Reinstall is done.

How To Install A Template On A New Instance

If you purchase a new VPS from Hostwinds, you can create the instance with your template during the creation process.  To get started on creating an instance, please review Create Instance From Hostwinds Cloud Portal.

Under the available Operating SYstem installation options, choose the Templates tab and select the template you wish to install.

Create Instance with template image

Once purchased and created, your new server will have your template installed.

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