Create Instance From Snapshot Backup

This article is intended for Hostwinds clients who have taken a ton of time and effort into creating the perfect server, configured it exactly how they want it and want to quickly and easily spin up another instance based without having to do this all over again. To do this, you must be using Hostwinds Cloud Control with a VPS or Cloud service and logged in there. 


Create Instance From Snapshot

  1. Click on the Storage > Snapshots from the drop down menu from the top

     storage snapshot

  2. Select the Instance that you would like to create a Snapshot of 
  3. Enter the Snapshot Name so that you can easily remember it  
  4. Click on the Take Snapshot button to create your Snapshot

      create snapshot take snapshot  

  5. Find the newly created Snapshot listed towards the bottom of the page and click on the drop down arrow by Actions

  6. Select Make Template from the drown down menu

      convert snaptshot to template

  7. Once your snapshot has the snapshot template icon icon listed to the left of the Snapshot name, it is ready to be used as template next time you Create An Instancecreate instance ) > and use the Templates tab

      working template from snapshot 


This saves deployment and set up time significantly once you have created an instance using Hostwinds Cloud Control and allows you to quickly create a new Instance based on this template that you have saved from a Snapshot.


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