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Creating an Instance from your Cloud Control is a quick way to launch a new Virtual Machine inside the Cloud very, very quickly. This feature is fantastic and this article is intended for Hostwinds clients who have purchased a VPS or Cloud and are able to access the Cloud Control Panel. 


Creating A New Instance From Cloud Control

This article covers the different sections and what they are in creating an instance from within cloud control panel.

First you have the different Operating Systems (OS) to choose from. 


cloud control operating systems cpanel centos ubuntu fedora debain windows


There is also applications that will be prebuilt into the instance you can pick.


cloud control select instance cpvlab lamp stack minecraft wordpress applications


The next section you can choose is the Plan for your Instance. You can choose to have Fully Managed or Unmanaged options for the Management of your new instance. The differences between Fully Managed and Unmanaged are detailed here and you are able to add Fully Managed to your Unmanaged Instance at any time.


cloud control managed ssd


You can then choose the type of Disk Drive you would like to have by selecting the drive type from the drop down menu. We suggests SSD Drives for any Instances that you will be using in a production environment for faster speeds.


cloud control fully managed ssd

You also have the option to create the instance with a C-Class IP and adding your SSH Key so that you can login using SSH to your Instance after it has been created. If you have created an SSH Key already, this will be selected and added to your Instance when it is created. 

Now you would select the tier of the instance or Build Your Own if you need specific customization to your RAM, Number of CPU Cores, Disk Space and Bandwidth.

Next, you can select a Data Center Location of your choosing. We suggest choosing the location that is closest to your website visitors.


cloud control data center location


Lastly we have the nickname for your to input an easy to remember name for your Instance, the Billing Cycle for your instance and quantity you would like to create. 


Creating a new Instance in your Cloud Control Panel is very fast and incredible easy to do. If you need any help at all, or if you would like to make sure you have the right instance for your needs, we are here to help you 24/7/365 in in Live Chat, a phone call or by opening a ticket. 


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