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Creating A Load Balancer


This article is intended for Hostwinds Clients to help create a Load Balancer through the Cloud Control Panel. These steps are intended for Hostwinds clients who have access to the Cloud Control Panel and would like to quickly and easily create a Load Balancer.


Create Load Balancer


Step One: Login to your Cloud Portal

Step Two: Navigate to Core > Load Balancers to access your Load Balancer Panel


create load balancer core


Step Three: Click Add Load Balancer to begin the steps


add load balancer


Step Four: Select the payment preference, the location of the load balancer (which datacenter), and add a name/description for the load balancer being created that you can easily remember and press the Create Load Balancer button


create load balancer


Step Five: After pressing Create Load Balancer, the load balancer will begin creation. This should only take a few moments, and once completed the status of the load balancer will change to Active, Online. To update the status, a refresh of the load balancer page will be required


load balancer creating


Step Six: An active, online load balancer will appear as seen below, with your designated load balancer IP address shown above the location of the load balancer


load balancer created online active


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