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Create A New Server With An ISO

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With our Cloud VPS plans, you are able to install any operating system, so long as there is a valid ISO file that can be used for the installation. This guide will help to create a new Server from an ISO file.

Creating a New Server From an ISO

Step One: From the Cloud Control panel, you can click on Create => Server, this allows you to create a new Server.

Create Icon Instance Location Image

Step Two: From there you can select ISOs under Select Server Image.

Hostwinds Cloud Portal Select Server Image ISO Tab

This will display several operating systems to choose from for your Server and the list is displayed by the Operating System name. Some Operating Systems have several versions to choose from giving you many different options to choose from that fit many different needs.

If you uploaded your own ISO, this will display as the last option under Private. From there you can select the description you named your ISO when you uploaded it while creating your new Server.

Step Three: Proceed through the rest of the options with the resources and Billing Cycle that you would like. Selecting, Create Server at the very bottom.

Hostwinds Cloud Portal Create Server Button

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