Creating Firewall Rules in Cloud Portal

    With the ever present dangers with having a system on the open internet you need a bit more security than just keeping your system patched. Hostwinds gives you an additional layer of security by providing you the ability to create firewall rules for your devices. This document will walk you through the steps of creating firewall rules from the Cloud Portal.


    Adding Rules

    1. Starting from you client area Cloud Control then Cloud Portal.

    2. Once redirected, click on Security the drill down on Firewalls.



    3. Now add a profile giving it a name and description. In this case we are creating a rule for https. 



    4. After you have created the profile select the Actions button and click Edit.



    5. Select the Plus button on the left to expand



    6. After doing so click on the plus button on the right to add your rules. There you can select the ports, protocol, IPs you wish to allow as well as ingress and egress options. Once you are done you can create additional rules as needed.



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