How Can I Use CryptoCurrency With Hostwinds?

To pay with BitCoin:

  1. Go to the invoice you wish to pay
  2. Head to the drop down in the top right corner of the invoice page
  3. Select Cryptocurrency and then click the “Pay Now” button, this will take you to the CoinPayments check out page
  4. Select the Cryptocurrency you wish to use from the drop-down
  5. Click “Complete Checkout”

You’ll be then redirected to a page for the Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with, you would then need to follow the prompts to complete your payment.


Can I set Cryptocurrency up for automatic payments?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to support automatic payments from Credit Cards and PayPal.


Why Can’t I Use BitCoin to Pay for an Amount Less Than $1?

In 2017, the BitCoin network changed in that they will no longer support making payments for less than $1.00 USD. You’ll find the communication shared with us discussing this change below:


The Bitcoin network is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. This is an exciting time to be in Bitcoin, and we’re seeing all-time highs in bitcoin transactions.

However, we are also seeing bitcoin users paying rising miner fees for transactions across the bitcoin network, to the average of $1 per transaction.

In order to protect customers from creating uneconomical transactions, effective tomorrow (March 9th), we are raising the BitPay minimum payment amount from $0.04 to $1.


Am I able to get a refund when I pay with Cryptocurrency?

As per our Terms of Service we do not refund Cryptocurrency payments. If you do qualify for a refund and have paid via a Cryptocurrency, we will issue you an Account Credit.


How do I prove that I am the true owner of the Cryptocurrency account that I have used to make payments with?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Cryptocurrencies were created with the purpose of giving you anonymity. 


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