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Dedicated Server Management & Controls

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The vast majority of Hostwinds Dedicated Servers offer a wide variety of management and control options for Hostwinds clients to use when managing a Dedicated Server. This guide is intended to help Hostwinds clients better understand how to use the many different features of their Dedicated Server Controls available with the Client Area.

Access Dedicated Server Controls

Step One: Login to the Client Area

Step Two: Click the Manage Button next to your Dedicated Server that you would like to control

Step Three: Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Server Management section

Hostwinds Server Management Dedicated Servers

Manage and Control Options

Power Off: This will power the server off completely.

Reboot: This option will reboot your server with a cold reboot.

Power Cycle: Will perform a warm reboot of your Dedicated Server.

BMC Cold Reset: This will reset the IPMI on your server, takes around 3-5 minutes to complete, and is used in the event that you are unable to access your server’s console link, or control the server via console.

BMC Warm Reset: This will perform a “warm” reset of your server’s IPMI, and will be much faster than a cold reset, and should be used prior to using the cold reset.

Get Console Link: This option will generate a URL that will then appear above the button and give you direct IPMI KVM access to your server via a console window. From here, you are able to directly access your server, login, mount media, and perform general troubleshooting / management options to your server. This can be used even in the event of no current network connectivity.

Traffic Graph: The traffic graph displays the server’s network traffic for the period of the billing cycle, displaying total inbound and outbound traffic that the server has utilized during that period.

Accessing Console Link

When the link is first generated, it takes a moment to become accessible. You may need to refresh the page a couple of times in order for this Console to appear.

Your console may appear to be a black/blank screen, this is normal. Using your mouse, click on the space where your console appears in the browser, and press Enter a few times and your console will become available for you to use.

Utilizing Console Access

From the console access, you will have a number of options in which you can utilize, including the ability to mount virtual media from Hostwinds’ catalog of ISOs available for use. Your session will be active for a period of time, and will become inactive after a period of time, in the event you are still utilizing your session, simply click on Get Console Link button you did previously to generate a new session for use.

Menu Options

Virtual Media: Virtual Storage and Virtual Keyboard, using Virtual storage, you can access the ISOs available in the ISO folder. Virtual Keyboard, is great for macros or key combinations that may interact with your actual browser, allowing you to still be able to press the keys and not interact with your browser in which you are accessing the console from.

Macro: Macros have several key stroke combinations that are common with both Linux and Windows operating systems, such as Ctrl Alt Delete, which allows for these key combinations to be sent to the server, and not on your personal machine you are accessing from.

Send CtrlAltDel: This is a fast hotkey button, allowing for a very fast sending of the combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete to your server

Shutdown: Will perform a hard shutdown on your server with the press of a button from your console access.

Reboot: Will perform a reboot with a press of a button on your console session.

Reset: Will attempt a reset of the console session, can be used when your session is not appearing correctly, or responding to key strokes. If this does not work, please look above at the options for BMC Cold/Warm Resets.

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