Definitions of the Stats Panel

The Statistics panel in cPanel is a collection of various stats from your cPanel account. This panel’s location can vary depending on which cPanel theme that you’re using. However, in the Basic theme this panel is located on the right side of your cPanel interface. Let’s take a look at the different stats that are reported by this panel.


  1. Total number of Addon domains
  2. Total number of Autoresponders
  3. Bandwidth utilized
  4. Disk usage for Mailing Lists
  5. Disk usage for MySQL databases
  6. Overall Disk usage
  7. Total number of Email Accounts
  8. Number of Email Filters
  9. Number of Forwarders
  10. Total FTP Accounts on your account
  11. Total number of Mailing Lists
  12. Current number of MySQL databases
  13. Total number of Subdomains


Showing the Statistics panel in cPanel




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