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What Does it Mean When My Domain is Expired?

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Typically this means that the domain was not paid for before the expiry date. When this happens the domain immediately becomes inactive and services attached to it such as websites and or email will cease to function.


If I pay for my domain after it expires, can it be reactivated?

This would depend on how late the payment was. Our domain supplier does allow for a “non-guaranteed 29-day grace period” for renewals of most TLDs. If your domain happens to be within that grace period, the domain will reactivate, although you may need to get your name servers updated before you can use it.

If your domain is not within that grace period, it has most likely gone to redemption status where it may be deleted or sold at auction.


Can I be refunded for paying an expired domain?

If the domain had successfully been renewed, that would mean that Hostwinds had paid the renewal with our supplier and would not be able to refund you.
However, if the domain had already been in redemption status and was not renewed by the payment, we would refund you, as the service could not be delivered.