How Do Domain Renewals Work?

Domain renewals like all other renewals are automatic, the invoice for them would generate 30 days before the domain is due, on that due date payment will be automatically pulled.


Why is the Due Date and Expiration Date Different?

Registrars depending on the demand of a domain can sell/auction them off before a domain has actually expired.

This has to led to clients in some cases finding themselves making a payment on the expiration date to find that they have paid for a domain that no longer belongs to them. We suggest to renew your domain name at least two weeks before the expiration date.

Can they be refunded?

Unfortunately not. As a reseller of the domains that we provide, we have to purchase them from our supplier to provide them to you. The cost you spend on them covers the cost that we incur doing this for you. As our domain supplier does not typically allow for refunds, we would not be able to issue refunds for domains. This also includes the cost of ID protection.


How can I prevent my domain from renewing?

Unlike the rest of the services we offer, Domains cannot be canceled. However, you can disable auto-renew on them. If you follow this link, you will learn how to disable the renewal of your domain(s).


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