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What Can I Do About a Duplicate Order?

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If you have not paid for the extra order, the first thing you will want to do is open a ticket to Billing with the subject line “Duplicate order placed.”

In the body of this ticket, you will want to include the name of the product that a duplicate order had been created for and ask that we cancel the extra order.

Alternatively, our Live Chat team would also be able to cancel any order it that is both Pending and Unpaid upon a request made while logged into the Client Area

What If I Have Already Paid For The Extra Order?

You will need to cancel the duplicate service by following all three (3) steps as outlined in How Do I Cancel My Services. For the reason, select “Other” then type “Duplicate order placed.”

cancel order

If the duplicate product is canceled within 72  hours of it being paid for, you will receive a refund upon request. If it is canceled after 72 hours, the amount spent will be set as account credit upon request.

This would generally not apply to services that are non-refundable per our Refund policy.

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