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Email and Attachment Limits

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Within the Hostwinds Web Hosting and Reseller packages, there is a limit placed on outbound emails from the host within the time frame of one hour. Below are the maximum number of emails each domain can send out per hour.

On our Shared hosting, this limit is 25 emails per hour.

On our Business hosting, the limit is 250 emails per hour.

On our Reseller hosting, the limit is 250 emails per hour.

The functionality to send more mail is freed up as the past mail you sent out reaches the one hour mark. For example, if you send out one email every 15 minutes, you’ll gain back +1 mail you can send every 15 minutes starting one hour after you sent the first mail.

There would be no email limits on a Cloud VPS or dedicated server unless you set one yourself. You would only be limited by the resources of the server, namely the monthly outbound bandwidth limit.

Emails with Multiple Recipients

For mail that you send out that have multiple recipients (i.e. To, CC, and BCC), each recipient on that piece of mail counts as one outbound mail.

For example, if your email only has one recipient, it will only count as one outbound mail. But if your email has ten recipients, it will count towards the hourly limit as ten outbound mail.



In addition to an hourly limit on the number of mail that can be sent from our web hosting and reseller packages, there is also a maximum allowed attachment size on emails.

The size limit of attachments on emails in our Shared, Business, and Reseller hosting is 50 MB.

This is also the default value in WHM if you are running your own WHM/cPanel installation on a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server. You can change this value on your VPS or dedicated server in WHM under exim Configuration Manager >> Advanced Editor >> Add additional Configuration Setting >> message_size_limit.


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