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Enabling/Disabling Load Balancer Options

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With Hostwinds’ Load Balancer solution, clients can enable and disable all options of their load balancer from the Cloud Control panel.

Any function of the load balancer can be enabled or disabled temporarily or permanently very easily by using the toggle button.

Load Balancer Features

  • The load balancer itself can be disabled/re-enabled
  • The listeners can be enabled/disabled independently of one-another
  • The Health Monitor
  • The Members can all be independently disabled

The option is displayed in green seen below when it is enabled:

enabling disabling load balancer options

If the toggle is greyed out, the option is disabled, seen below:

enabling disabling load balancer options

Enabling/disabling is as simple as clicking the toggle.

This feature is great when you do not wish to have a piece of your load balancer function, perhaps when troubleshooting issues, or testing traffic to a different member.