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I Got An Error When Trying To Pay With PayPal, What Does It Mean?

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When PayPal supplies an error code, it means that they were not able to complete the payment for you for one reason or another.

The two most common error codes we receive are:

  • 10417 – Which typically means that PayPal was not able to get authorization to pull funds from the funding source for your PayPal account. In this instance, you’d want to reach out to PayPal or the financial institution you use as your funding source to get further insight.
  • 10201 – Which generates when you have attempted to pay using a Billing Agreement that has been canceled. In this instance, you’d need to create a new Billing Agreement or through a ticket get assistance from Billing on how to do that.

With these and any other error codes supplied by PayPal, you’d need to reach out to them directly to get a better understanding of why they were not able to complete your payment and what can be done to resolve the issue.

[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]For quick reference, PayPal’s website API Error Codes provide details for the error codes supplied above among others that may be received.[/notification]


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