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Will My Data Be Lost If I Can’t Pay My Renewal?

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It would largely depend on how far behind you’re on payment and if you are paying hourly or not.  However, once your service is deemed “terminated”, all data associated with the terminated service will be deleted as well.


Typically a one (1)  day grace period would be granted, during that grace period, an overdue service remains active after payment has been missed.  When that grace period ends, the unpaid services would suspend, but the data on them remains intact.

Your product would remain intact and suspended up until it has gone fourteen (14) days overdue and if not paid before that fourteenth (14th) day, your product would terminate automatically.  Once terminated, the product along with all the data it held is deleted.

However, if you happened to have a backup service that you  kept paid for and active, the data it held would be safe within your object storage.


Invoices are due on the 1st of every month; services will suspend for lack of payment on the 2nd and terminate on the 14th if not paid.

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