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Getting Started with Hostwinds

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Welcome to Hostwinds! We seek to offer the absolute best support and services wherever possible. We offer a wide variety of services, including Shared Hosting plans, VPS Hosting plans Dedicated servers and more! But where to begin? Let’s take a look at your needs and see how Hostwinds can get you from an Idea to an Online Presence. Getting started with Hostwinds is just a few clicks away!

Before We Begin

Getting started with Hostwinds requires a bit of preparedness. Our web hosting accounts offer tools and packages that make creating your content possible, but what to create begins with an idea. Here’s an idea of what you need to prepare yourself when looking for what to purchase.

  • An idea
  • A goal
  • A domain name (an idea or already owned)
  • Tools for creating your website

Idea Acquired. What’s Next?

Great! Ideas are always the start of amazing new projects and visions. But this may not be enough to get started with knowing what kind of hosting plan you need. It’s important when getting started with a new hosting product to know your goals.

Determine your goal

A website can accomplish many tasks. The most simple of uses for a business goal or personal goal is to create a digital presence. The modern consumer generally checks two things first before proceeding with an investigation of a product: do they have any active sales to take advantage of, and what is their website like. Hostwinds has many features and offers you tools that can help you. The goals of your website or digital presence can span many different tasks. Here are just a few:

  • Digital Business Card
    • General Information
    • Contact information
  • Information Gateway
    • Blogs
    • Newsletters
  • E-Commerce
    • Selling Products
    • Selling Services
    • Subscriptions
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Manage Clients
    • Manage Sales
    • Create and manage sales funnels

You can see, these are only 4 of the possible options that you can use your hosting plan for. The possibilities are truly endless, and Hostwinds can offer you a service that would be a great fit for just about anything.

Goals Defined, How to Create?

Once you’ve found and set your goals for your project or business, it’s time to actually choose the platform to build on. This can be any number of different things, but this is a small list of the most commonly-hosted platforms within the Hostwinds services:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • E-commerce Platforms, such as OpenCart
  • Automated Trading Platforms
  • Game Servers, such as Minecraft
  • Drag-and-Drop tools, like Weebly

The possibilities are endless when determining the best route for creating your digital presence. Feel free to give us a call at any time, or jump into a Live Chat on any Hostwinds page and we can help you determine what platform may be best for your needs.

Platform Chosen. What Hosting Plan Is Best?

Great! We are making progress. We now need to select a hosting option best suited for the resource requirements of the platform selected. Here’s a good breakdown of what you can host on which services:

Shared Web hosting

Hostwinds Shared Web hosting plans are great, entry-level options for sites the need minimal resources. Static HTML pages, low-traffic or low-function WordPress sites, and other similar platforms are the perfect fit for this service. Be sure to review the Shared Web Hosting Overview for more details. This is a great place to get started.

Business Shared Hosting

Although this service is still technically a shared hosting plan, the Business hosting plans are geared towards higher-performance needs. This platform is a great place for your starting E-Commerce Platform, hosting multiple independent, yet related, WordPress sites with many plugins and traffic, Joomla sites, PHP-Heavy applications and CMS platforms, and more. Take a look at our Shared Business Hosting Overview for more details.

Cloud-Based VPS Hosting

The Cloud is an interesting term that the technology industry likes to use rather ubiquitously. Don’t let our use of the term confuse you; our entire hosting infrastructure relies on many different aspects that Hostwinds cloud-based tools provide. That said, our VPS products rely on our Hostwinds Cloud infrastructure the most.

A VPS is a natural upgrade when your Business Shared Hosting plan no longer covers the needs of your site. This doesn’t mean the Business Hosting plan was bad, only that the best thing that can happen to a site is occurring: growth! Choose a VPS when you know you already have a hustling bustling E-Commerce platform with established high-volume traffic. Use it for your custom-built app that needs back-end server-software, such as NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and more. Furthermore, a VPS is a great place to host your own Game Server, TeamSpeak server, or Automated Trading platform.

A VPS is also well suited for any developers who need to have full control over the server settings. A Hostwinds Cloud VPS also allows you to install and configure applications that best fit your needs and is able to be customized.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Hostwinds Dedicated Server hosting options are the most robust option Hostwinds provides to our clients. They give you the entirety of a single server’s resources to use and your resources are always available. When a VPS is no longer a cost-effective method of hosting, or you know ahead of time that you need much higher performance than what a VPS can provide, this is a natural progression so you may continue to grow and be successful. A Dedicated Server can host anything a VPS can with increased resources and dedicated hardware. Similar to a Cloud VPS, you have full access to the base hardware and may configure the server and any applications to fit your needs. We are happy to discuss your needs and to see what product best suits your goals through a Live Chat anytime that works best for you.

Product Chosen. Next Step?

Ready, Aim, Host! Now you have your idea, goals in mind, and the product at the ready, it’s time to purchase! Our checkout system is very intuitive, and our pricing structure is detailed on each product page. Even still, we encourage you to ask about any questions you have throughout the process, as we are here 24/7 to assist in making sure you know what you’re getting, what you’re paying for, and expectations going forward. That way, we ensure the best possible process for both you and Hostwinds.

The process is similar for any of our services, but here’s a quick walkthrough of what it would look like.

Getting Started

Click on the link to the page that advertises the product you’ve selected. We will illustrate Business Web Hosting in the following screenshot.

Hostwinds Home Page

Once you’ve found the service you’re interested in, click order now. This will direct you to the Sign-Up page.

Select Hostwinds Package

Hostwinds Signup

If you already have an account, you may not see this page. Log in using the form on the right. Otherwise, fill in the form on the left, providing information as requested. This will create your Hostwinds Account.

Hostwinds Signup

Next, further client information is asked for. This information must match the information tied to the payment method you plan to use. You also will want to select a domain name that you plan to tie to your Shared Web Hosting account. For Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers, this step does not exist.

Even if you already own a domain, it is important to fill in your domain here and click the Select Domain button. This process will associate the domain with the hosting plan and will save steps later.

Fill In Client Information

However, click Add to Cart if you would like to purchase the domain. A Transfer request can be created with this form, as well.

Select Domain

Pay For Hosting

Select the Billing Cycle, Location and Addons you would like included in your cart here. Keep in mind, the longer you pay for up front, the more money you save. The discount advertised on any of our services is a one-time, first-invoice discount. It will not apply to renewals, so keep this in mind.

Billing Cycle and Addons
Web Hosting Cloud Backups is checked by default. While we highly recommend it as a backup solution, it is not a required add-on. Uncheck the box if you do not wish to purchase it.

Lastly, the payment details. Select the preferred payment option, follow the steps provided by that payment processing option, and complete the order. You will need to check the box in order to process the order.

Payment information and Invoice Overview

Do note there are several things to see here. For starters, It lists the items on the invoice. You’ll notice a specific line-item for the domain. This reflects that there is a domain on this purchase. Next, you’ll see what you be expected to pay at the time of renewal in the regular price line, as well as the current Limited Time Savings based on the discount for this service. Finally, the Total Due Now reflects what will actually be billed today.

That’s it! Within the next few minutes, expect to receive at least two emails from Hostwinds. If a Domain was included in the purchase, you’ll receive the details of this order once it has been reviewed and any status updates involving the domain name registration.

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If we can help you in any way, please submit a ticket or join us in a Live Chat anytime. We are available 24/7 and we are dedicated to our client’s success. Every client truly matters to us.