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Google PageSpeed Test

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What Is A Google PageSpeed Test?

Google’s PageSpeed Test is mostly used by developers to test and tweak a site to run faster and smoother. It can identify problems that are potentially slowing the site down, on both mobile devices and desktop. And in most cases, it will also give tips on how to fix any problems it finds.

Identifying problems and optimizing your site has become even more important since most sites online today are dynamic. They don’t show the same static content all the time and to all visitors. The content is always changing and it can change depending on who visits the site.

A lot of the content delivered is driven by a database. As databases grow and more things are added to the site, it could be become damaged or not want to play nicely with other databases and scripts running on your site.

Luckily, there are many tools available that can help pinpoint what’s causing the hold up. Some of them include:



Below you can see Google PageSpeed in action. Notice that not only does it identify potential problems, but also gives you suggestions on how to fix them.


Showing the results from a Google PageSpeed Insights test


Other Useful Website Optimization Tools

These useful tools are great for cross referencing and comparing checks, confirming website issues are accurate among multiple checks.



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