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What Happens If I Pay My Renewal Late?

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It would typically depend on how far you’re behind on your due date and if you’re billed hourly or not.


For Non-Hourly Billing

  • Hostwinds offers a 7 day grace-period that automatically applies, beginning on the date your invoice is due.  After 7 days, your services will go into suspension until paid.
  • Past 30 days – It’s very likely that at this stage your product was terminated for lack of payment. This link details what would happen if it a terminated product is paid.


For Hourly Billing

  • If not paid by the 7th – Services will be suspended
  • If not paid by the 14th – Service will be automatically terminated.


If I Pay Late, Will My Due Date Be Adjusted?

Unfortunately not. The resources that have been devoted to your services remain claimed for you during the time they are suspended. We would not be able to use those resources for anyone else, and very likely have been holding your data in that time. We would still require payment for the time that those resources have been reserved for you.

This means that no matter how far behind you have gone you’ll still need to pay for the entire cycle that you’ve been suspended and still pay when it’s due.


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