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What Happens If I Pay My Renewal Late?

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This would depend on how overdue the renewal is.

For Non-Hourly services

  • Less than Seven (7) days
    The service would likely still be active as Hostwinds offers a seven (7) day grace-period that automatically applies when a payment is missed, with the due date being day one (1)
  • Seven (7) days
    The grace period would have ended and the service would suspend for lack of payment
  • Thirty (30) days
    At thirty (30) days a service would likely have terminated for lack of payment

For Hourly services

  • If not paid by the seventh (7th) of the month
    All hourly services on the account would be suspended for lack of payment
  • If not paid by the fourteenth (14th) of the month
    Unpaid instances would terminate for lack of payment and remaining hourly services would remain suspended.

Will paying late adjust the next due date?

Unfortunately no. While a service could not be able to be accessed externally when suspended, the RAM, CPU, Disk space, Networking, Security, Power, and the maintenance for the physical machine would still be provided for that service would remain reserved for that service.

Which is why we would still require payment for the time in which a service had been suspended.

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