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How To Keep Your Virtualmin Server Up-To-Date

Keeping your server up-to-date can be a crucial part of ensuring that you have access to the most recent software updates and security patches. Typically in a Linux server environment, you’d use your distro’s package manager via the Linux shell (command line) interface to execute updates. However, with Virtualmin, you can keep your server up […]

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How to Install Packages Using Virtualmin

Typically to install software in a Linux based environment you’d do so using the package manager for that Linux distro from within the Linux shell (command line). If this sounds like something you’d be interested in we have covered this topic for both Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7 in the following two articles: How to […]

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How to Update All Installed Packages Using Virtualmin

Ensuring that the packages on your server are up to date is a typical but important administrative task. With Virtualmin, not only can you ensure that your Virtualmin related packages are up to date using the Virtualmin Package Update module, but you can also update all of your non Virtualmin packages as well. This is […]

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