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Deleting a DNS Zone

How do I delete a DNS zone in WHM? WHM makes it quite easy to delete a DNS zone. To delete a DNS zone, follow these steps:   Login to WHM Head to Home > DNS Functions This can be located quickly by searching for “DNS” in the search bar Select the Delete a DNS Zone…

Adding a DNS Zone

Add a DNS zone on your server through this feature.  By setting up DNS records you create direction for the traffic flow to the right location.   How Do I Add A DNS Zone In WHM? You can create a DNS zone by following this guide:   Login to your WHM account Head to Home > DNS Functions…

My Server is Pinging Fine, but my Website is not Loading

Why can I ping my server but not load my website? This issue indicates that your server is online and available to the internet, but something is specifically causing the website to fail.  Usually that results from one of the following three issues:   Web server isn’t installed or functional Website software is not functional DNS…

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