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This article is to help our clients enable additional Account Security and instructions for setting this up. This includes Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and your Security Question and is intended for Hostwinds clients who are logged into the Client Area that would like to be able to add these extra security measures quickly and easily. 


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to logins. Once enabled and configured, each time you sign in you will be asked to enter both your username & password as well as a second factor such as a security code.

How To Enable 2FA


  1. Click on the greeting, Hello Client! on the upper right side of the page
  2. Go to the Security Settings


  3. Click the green button that reads Click Here To Enable

     click here to enable 2fa

  4. Click the green Get Started button

     get started with two factor authentication

  5. This authentication option get’s it’s second factor using a time based algorithm. Your mobile phone can be used to generate the codes. If you don’t already have an app that can do this, we recommend Google Authenticator which is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
    1.  To configure your authenticator app:
      1. Begin by selecting to add a new time based token
      2. Then use your app to scan the barcode below, or alternatively enter the key manually
  6. Click the green Confirm button once you have added this to your authenticator
  7. Enter the one time code that gets generated and click on the green Confirm button
  8. Write the backup code down on paper and keep it safe. The backup code will be needed if you ever lose your 2nd factor device or it is unavailable to you for any reason and so that you can use this code to login to your account

Security Question

The security question helps protect your account from unauthorized password resets and allows us to verify your identity when requesting account changes.

If this has been set up previously, you will be requested to answer your previous security question before adding another

How To Add A Security Question

  1. Choose your Security Question from the drop down list
  2. Enter the Answer in the blank text field
  3. Enter the Answer again in the next text field ask you to confirm


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If we can help you in any way, please submit a ticket, give us a phone call or join us in a Live Chat anytime. We are available 24/7/365 and we are dedicated to our client’s success; every client truly matters to us.


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