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Hostwinds Client Area Overview

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This guide will go over all the features of a clients account and how to navigate your Hostwinds account.  Please keep in mind, creating an account with Hostwinds is done upon purchasing a product.  Furthermore, some of the overview may or may not pertain to one who has not purchased a certain product.  For any questions, please enter a live chat chat with us or call so we can help.

Home Section

After successfully logging into Hostwinds at, you should be presented a home screen which shows all of your products you currently have active, as well as an interface to navigate to other areas.  If for whatever reason you wish to get back to this home screen, you can click on Home in the top left side of the menu bar at anytime.

Client Area Home screen image
  1.   Navigation Bar – Services, Domains, Billing, Support, Open Ticket, Cloud Control
  2.   Personal Account – Edit details, Manage Credit Card, etc
  3.   Your Info – Display of your current information
  4.   Current Balance – Displays if there are unpaid invoices for quick navigation to billing
  5.   Contacts – Secondary Contacts on the account if applicable
  6.   Your Products / Services – List of products current with account including their status.
  7.   Shortcuts – Shortcuts to ordering new services, registering a new domain, or logging out.

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Services Section

Clicking on the Services button on the navigation bar will present a drop down.  Click on My Services and it should appear like the following:

  1.   View Column – Shows amount of categorized service status
  2.   My Products and Services – List of all products, currently active, pending or terminated
  3.   Actions Column – Place a New order or View available addons



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Domains Section

If you navigate through the top bar to Domains -> My Domains will show a screen similar to this, with a drop down of any domains registered with Hostwinds.

My Domains image
Domains >> My Domains
  1.   View – List of domains, active,  expired, or about to be expired
  2.   My Domains – List of all domains ever registered with Hostwinds, active or expired
  3.   Actions  – Quick selection of renewing, registering a new domain, or transferring a domain

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Billing Section

Navigating to Billing -> My Invoices will populate a page similar to this.  Here you can manage any billing needs related to your account.

Billing My Invoices screenshot
Billing >> My Invoices
  1.   Invoices Due – Total amount of invoices due with ability to pay all or add additional funds
  2.   My Invoices – List of all invoices paid, cancelled or unpaid
  3.   Status  – List totaling categories of all invoices
  4.   Billing  – Management options for billing categories

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Support Section

From going to Support -> My Tickets will quickly take you to your ticketing area, a page similar to this:

hostwinds support tickets
  1.   View – List of categorized types of tickets
  2.   My Support Tickets  – All archived tickets, open or closed, will be available here
  3.   Support  – Quick navigation to support tickets, knowledgebase archive, downloads, and opening another ticket

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Cloud Control Section

Clients Cloud Control> Cloud Portal Page is where you can go to see all your Cloud/VPS area and will present a new  tab similar to this:

  1.   Client Area – Takes you back to your Client Area Home page
    client area

  2.   Cloud/VPS Tab – Servers, Network, Storage, Account to help manage VPS options
    cloud control navigation


  3.   VPS Menu – Shows all current VPS, hostname, IP address and actions menu to manage individual VPS
    hostwinds cloud control overview


  4.   Bulk Actions – Quick button to reboot, shutdown, or firewall all servers
    hostwinds cloud control bulk actions

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