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HostWinds Cloud Control quick start guid

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve just purchased a Cloud VPS from HostWinds. Congratulations! This guide will help get you started on the features our Cloud Control Portal has to offer new Hostwinds Clients.

When you log into Cloud Control Portal, you’ll be greeted with this page:


Clicking on the “Servers” tab gives you two options. Both have to do with accessing your server remotely and setting the server up.

My Servers

If you need to access your server, reboot your server, or find out the access pattern, you can use our server management panel to manage your servers by clicking “My Servers”. or  Here is a guide to using our server managment panel: 

SSH Keys

An SSH key is a way of accessing a Linux server that uses no password. We have a detailed guide on how to set this up and the superior securtiy an SSH key offers here:



Under the Network tab, you have options that help you shape how your servers interact with the rest of the internet.

Load Balancers

If you have multiple servers running the same application, and want them all to receive equal amounts of traffic, use a load balancer. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for setting one up.


VPS customers don’t need to set up or configure their own DNS servers thanks to our cloud DNS service, you can use our external DNS servers for your traffic. This guide explains DNS usage:


An essential network security tool, a firewall can block unwanted traffic to your server, or restrict traffic as you see fit. If you’re seeing bots or mailcious actors making connection attempts to your server, a firewall is a good line of defense. You can learn how to use our firewall panel here:

Manage IP’s

Hostwinds offers the ability to change your publically routed IP address, get an additional IP address, or purchase an IP address on a network with DDoS protection.
This guide goes into detail on how the options offered there:

SSL Certificates

SSL is a big part of web server security, it prevents others from reading your traffic over the internet. This panel allows you to configure this on our load balancer. Setting it up in the Cloud Portal can be accomplsihed by this guide:


Use these options to manage any stored data with HostWinds. Please keep in mind all stored data is billed at an hourly rate.


If you server needs addtional storage, a volume might be the solution.  This guide goes into detail about configuring them and ataching them to your server.


At HostWinds, we allow customers to upload thier own server images to use on your VPS service. This guide explains how to upload a new image:


You can backup and clone your servers with snapshots. This guide goes into more detail:

Object Storage

Backups for shared and VPS services can be found here. More importantly, you can use this similar to storing files on your computer. Check this guide for the capabilities of object storage:


This option helps you track your expenditures and access API keys with hostwinds.


You can track your storage expenses with this interface.

API Keys

We make automation of our services possible with te use of our cloud API. This page gives you the key (a long, random password, essnetially), that allows you to securely use the API. All of the API’s capabilities are documented here:

API Request log

Everything done in the cloud portal is documented on this page.

Maintenance Events

We always make sure your services are optimized. For that reason, we will document times when our system needs maintenance for your conveinece.

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