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Is There A Limit to How Many IP Addresses I Can Have?

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Hostwinds allows purchasing of many IPs for you Cloud, VPS or Dedicated server with Hostwinds. It’s up to you how many you wish to purchase and this can be done easily through your Cloud Portal.


How Do I Add More IPs To My Cloud Server?

If you want to add more IPs to your cloud server, you can do so in your Client Area and following these steps


Step 1:  Go to Cloud Control and select Cloud Portal.  This will open another browser with a list of all your current VPS instances.


The Cloud Portal link in the Client Area


Step 2:  Click the server you want to add IPs to.


List of servers in Cloud Portal


Step 3: Go to the Manage IP’s option for your server.


The Manage IPs option


Step 4:  Select the Manage IPv4 Addresses


Manage IPv4 Addresses options in the Cloud Area


Step 5:  Select the amount of IP’s you wish to add.  Each additional IP is $2.00 USD per month.  Once selected, click confirm


IPv4 Portal Image


The reason it says 2 IP address, but only 1 is issued, is because your dedicated IP is included with your service.  Example:  You buy 1 extra IP for $2/mo, you would then have 2 IP’s with your server; your 2 IP’s would include your dedicated IP and the one you just purchased.


Once confirmed, provided you have a payment method already on file, the invoice will be paid and the IP will be added to your server.  Otherwise, an invoice will be generated that will need to be paid prior to activation.


Step 6:  You can now view and manage your IP(‘s) from your instance portal under Manage IP’s.  Your current and new IP(‘s) will be listed under Assigned IP Addresses.


IP Addresses Location Image


How Do I Add More IPs To My Dedicated Server?

If you want to add IPs to your dedicated server, you purchase separate IP blocks by contacting us through Live Chat, phone or opening a ticket. (ie Seattle /27, Dallas /24)


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