Hostwinds Cloudflare Railgun

What is CloudFlare Railgun?

Railgun is an Origin Network Optimizer that makes sure connections from your original server and the Cloudflare network remain as quick as possible.

Web objects, previously uncacheable, are compressed up to 99.6% by using the same techniques that are used for compression of high-res video.  According to Cloudflare, it results in additional performance increase of an average of 200%.


Railgun is especially useful in the following situations:


  • A large portion of visitors to the website have a large geographical distance from the website’s hosting server.
  • The website’s host charges a premium fee for bandwidth.
  • The website is very active and has a variety of dynamic content, such as a blog or news related website.


As a Hostwinds customer, you can leverage Cloudflare Railgun for free with our service, as we are a Cloudflare Optimized Hosting Partner.


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