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Hostwinds Domain Management Section

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From this page, domains registered with Hostwinds may be easily managed. To reach this page, first log into the Client Area, click on the “Domains” tab, then select “My Domains” from the drop-down menu.


my domains hostwinds client area


From the “My Domains” section,  a domain may be managed by clicking on the “wrench” button next to the domain.


domain wrench image


This will load the specific domains management page with multiple available options to pick from.


Manage Domain Image


Manage Column Options

Auto Renew:  Allows for the management of whether or not a domain will be set to automatically renew.  By default, auto-renew is enabled and will have to be manually disabled if desired.  Please be mindful, auto-renew is meant to deter the possibility of the domain being lost.  As a domain can expire or be sold off if not renewed when appropriate.  Should a domain expire, there is a risk of it being lost to another registrar.



Nameservers:  By default, when a domain is registered at Hostwinds, the “Use default nameservers” option will typically be selected.  These nameservers do not point to any current hosting and will need to be edited accordingly.  Nameservers for Hostwinds services will be provided via email when the service has been set up. Choosing the “Use custom nameservers” option, entering the desired nameservers, and using the “Save” option below will allow the nameservers to be updated for the Domain. 



Register Lock:   Register lock status by default is enabled to prevent the accidental case of the domain transferring away for any reason.  This is a safety precaution to enforce the awareness of any transfer that one may pursue to a different registrar.


register lock image


Addons:  The “Addon” option here presents ID Protection to be purchased for your domain, blocking out your registration information from a whois check.  At this time, ID protection is the only available addon, but this area will provide more options should the need arise.


Domain Addon Image

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Contact Information:  This area will edit details for the registrant, contact, admin and tech contacts for the domain.  All this information must be accurate for domains to not only be registered but remain current under ICANN regulations.



Private Nameservers:  A custom nameserver is basically an alias for an actual nameserver.  You can change your nameserver for which a domain is registered with Hostwinds, to that domain name representing the nameserver.  If your domain is registered elsewhere, you’ll need to check with their support about setting up custom nameservers.



Domain Management Private Nameservers

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Get EPP Code:  Transferring a domain will require an EPP code be provided to the new host.  An EPP code is emailed to the registered email on file with Hostwinds upon request after clicking on the “Get EPP Code” button.


Domain Management EPP Code


Helpful Tips

“Edit Selection”  drop-down can be used to manage several active domains at once.  Each active domain can be selected and, for example, managing nameservers can be edited all at once.  This is a helpful quick tool tip if needing to manage several of your active domains at one time.


My Domains Edit Selection Image


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