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How Does Hourly Billing Work?

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Hourly Billing is set so that we only bill you for the time that a service is in your possession. This way you have the freedom to have a service for just as long as you need it and not have to pay for any longer than that.


How Do I Get Hourly Billing?

Depending on how an account is set there are a few things that may be required in order to have instances that are billed hourly. In most cases, an amount of Account Credit will need to be on the account. The amount of Account Credit needed is dynamic and would depend on the cost of the service desired, how many instances are desired, and how much has been spent with Hostwinds so far.

For sure there will need to be an active service (that is not billed at an hourly rate) on the account with Hostwinds.

To learn how to create an Hourly Instance, this article will be a good place to start.

Alternatively, services such as Extra Volumes, Object Storage, and SnapShots are all charged at an hourly rate and would not have any special requirements to get them aside from partnering them with a Cloud Service.


Important Note:

Existing non-hourly services cannot be turned into hourly ones. If you wish to have an hourly service, however, once you purchase an hourly instance you can migrate your data over.


How is Hourly Billing Invoiced?

Hourly Billing unlike our Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, and Annually cycles, is invoiced after the services are used, not before. Invoices will be sent on the 1st and will be for the total usage of the service for the prior calendar month. This would be whether they are active or not and would start with the moment the service is provisioned.

All invoices for Hourly Billed services will be due on the 1st of each month. To review Hourly Billing in detail you can follow the steps in this link.


Important Note: 

If invoices for Hourly Billed services are not paid by the 4th, they will be suspended automatically, and will be terminated if payment is not received by the 14th.


If I am Falling Behind Can I Get an Extension?

Unlike with our services that are billed in advance, we would not be able to grant any extension of services that are billed on an hourly basis.


What About Refunds?

A product that is billed on an hourly basis would not be refundable.


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