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How To Set The Correct Nameserver To Your Domain

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How Do I Setup Nameservers?

This guide will walk you through how to change your Domain Nameserver and point it towards the right location, whether you want to point the DNS to Hostwinds servers or another 3rd party location.

To change or set the DNS for your domain that was registered with Hostwinds, follow these steps:


Step 1:  Log in to your Hostwinds account client area

Step 2:  Go to My Domains found in the “Domains” section


My Domains Location Image


Step 3:  Verify the domain you’re changing Nameservers for and click on the drop down icon next to the wrench.  Select Manage Nameservers.


Manage Nameservers Image


Note:  You can also select the column the domain you wish to edit Nameservers for.  After doing so, there will be Nameservers you can click on the left hand side.

Example:  Nameserver Image


Step 4:  If you’re going to use Nameservers we’ve provided, simply choose our servers provided in any product welcome email.  Click Change Nameservers when done.

If you’re going to use others, choose Custom still and you can use a maximum of 5 Nameservers


Edit Nameserver Image


If your domain is purchased through another registrar you will need to consult your domain registrar that you purchased the domain from for their Nameservers.


Propagation will be required once Nameservers are set and can typically take anywhere from 24/hrs – 72/hrs before completed. (See: What is DNS Propagation)

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